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Marathon des Sables  Training
Based in Cardiff - learn all you need to know about the MdS in a day. 
I have run the race 13 TIMES.... and you will get my 13 years of MdS experience all rolled into one where you can learn EXACTLY what to take and what to do each day of the World's Toughest Footrace. Try and Buy the right kit and learn how to get your pack as light as possible with the MdS Master.
Kit, Food, Training and Blisters – get the real tips and the right advice from THE MdS expert.143rd/2009 race, 242/2010, 237/2011, 226/2012, 403/2013 & 365/2014 and with Sir Ranulph Fiennes in 2015, and again in 2016 finishing all comfortably without blistered feet...
You can also buy ALL your kit on the day or from my on-line store
Cost - £250
10:00 MdS - The Inside Story Everything you need to know about running the World's Toughest Foot Race
Find out what to take and what NOT to take. You'll find out exactly what happens at the race, what to take, wear, eat, drink and how not to get blisters as I'll show you how to tape your feet.
15:00 Farewells


Is there accommodation nearby?
Depending on your budget, there are plenty of City Centre hotels to match your budget.
What's the best way of getting to Cardiff?
We are based near to the City Centre which is on the UK's Rail network with fast trains into London Paddington. By car we are just off the M4 J29.
I have a million questions?
Don't worry we have got all day to answer any questions about the Marathon des Sables and Ultra Running in general.
Further details
To suit your diary, please book with me in advance... weekdays and weekends available.
07866 477051
What they say about Marathon des Sables training with Rory Coleman...

Alan Wood - Finished 40th MdS 2013

MdS Training Day

‘Great for advice on Kit, reducing pack weight and the importance of minimising body weight prior to the race. Also a good confidence boost’. Very good information. It was really useful to have an idea of what to expect in terms of the bivouac prior to the race-the official documents are a bit confusing and overbearing!

Would you recommend MdS Training with Rory Coleman to future MdS Runners? - ‘Definitely’.

Matt Hebden - Finished 329th MdS 2013

MdS Training Day - Gym Training Day - 12 Week Programme - Skype Coaching - MdS Training Weekend

‘I stuck fairly close to the training plan, lost a huge amount of weight (1.5 stone), ran a 3.45 marathon (way below my previous time) and was enjoying getting fitter and stronger.

I was very light for the race, which was a real bonus, I ran a lot of miles early in my training and getting through the ultras (recommended by Rory) really helped me get through the race from both a physical and mental perspective. I pretty much purchased all my kit from ULTRAstore, or bought things he recommended. Overall I was very happy with kit.

The training plan and gym programs were excellent. I wanted someone to guide me through the training and prepare me mentally for the race (what to expect / what to do / what to take / what not to take) and Rory really delivered in all these areas’. 

Would you recommend MdS Training with Rory Coleman to future MdS Runners? - ‘Yes 100%’.

Wayne Newton - 143rd MdS 2013

MdS Training Day - MdS Training Weekend

‘With the knowledge Rory imparted, I felt I had a head start in race preparation, giving me confidence to focus more on running the event rather than worrying about logistics, kit, and physical challenges such as feet and hydration.  The insights Rory provided also motivated me towards greater training than I would otherwise have undertaken.

With regards to kit, Rory provided most of the fit-for-purpose and lightweight core equipment, with many of my discarded luxuries coming from other suppliers. 

Feet were great throughout, finishing with just 4 small blisters: 2 from the long day and 2 from the Marathon day.  The advice on shoes- spot on and regarding gaiters, I bought from ULTRAstore, were ideal.

Would you recommend MdS Training with Rory Coleman to future MdS Runners? - 'Without question.  Honest and accurate and allowed me to focus on running. I did not join the Facebook group or other forums.  With Rory’s credentials and honest advice, I got all I required in a one-stop shop.  If I could have afforded the time, I would have taken more training services with Rory’.

Ian Calder - 438th MdS 2013

MdS Training Day - Gym Training Day - 12 Week Programme - MdS Training Weekend - Phone Coaching

‘The training helped in my physical conditioning. The advice given was ringing in my ears through the entire event. Gym training with a focus on core strength – this made a massive difference early in my training and stopped me falling over all the time on cross country runs as for the Power Hour – I still hate it but it was massively beneficial and I get it.

The kit advice all proved to be ‘spot on’. All the equipment recommended by Rory worked perfectly and contributed to an enjoyable event. I believe that Rory’s advice saved me a small fortune on equipment that I would have tested and then discarded.

Not only was all Rory’s advice well informed, accurate and relevant it enabled me to enjoy every bit of the event. I read loads prior to the event but most of the advice I was given prior to meeting Rory was based on individuals own experience. Others offered advice based on what they would do differently the next time but for many of them there wasn’t a next time so the advice that they were giving was not tested. The quality of the information provided by Rory was unsurpassed.

Would you recommend MdS Training with Rory Coleman to future MdS Runners? - Yes. If you want to archive your optimum performance and enjoy every single second of the experience then Rory’s MdS training should be considered mandatory.  I ran alongside many people that did seek out Rory’s advice and although the majority finished I am unable to describe the horrible torturous journey they took to the finish. I know that time will diminish their pain and anguish and in time they will focus on the fact that they finished but for me it was about enjoying every day and Rory’s help and advice made this possible. I honestly had a fantastic time and I am still smiling.’

Nick Richards - 612th MdS 2013

MdS Training Day

‘I felt the day was structured well. Informal briefing of how the event builds up from Plane to Plain, MdS admin checks and then race days. All very informative and useful. The day spent jogging/walking certainly put my mind to rest that the event was achievable as long as I managed myself carefully. Excellent advice on foods, clothing, hydration and what not to take'.

Would you recommend MdS Training with Rory Coleman to future MdS Runners? - ‘Absolutely. Knowledge was invaluable and certainly put my mind at ease. We had 3 of us in our tent who had been to see Rory and we were at least 2kgs lighter than the others’.

Alison Young - 153rd

MdS Training Day - MdS Training Weekend

‘Knowledge is good, so all info given by you was quality.

Would you recommend MdS Training with Rory Coleman to future MdS Runners? - ‘Yes would recommend to others’.


  Telephone: 02920 255822 or 07866 477051